Di Perseroan, SDM Perseroan diidentifikasikan sebagai satu dari kunci strategi bisnis dengan prioritas utama, sejalan dengan budaya Perseroan TOPIC “Teamwork, Open communication, Passion, Integrity, Caring”. MPI memberikan Anda kesempatan untuk berkontribusi dan mendedikasikan diri Anda kepada perusahaan.


Head Office
- Manage information technology and computer systems
- Ensuring that MIS synergizes with the head office, branches and logistics 
- Make rental investments related to IT technology (Office Cloud, MS Office 365, upgrade Oracle-Fusion) 
- Oracle ERP Project Management Cloud configuration experience for various modules such as Project Execution Management, Project Financials and Project Resources. 
- Oracle Project Management Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist 
- Manage IT system administration policies (Information Technology) 
- Develops, manages, and implements hardware maintenance, software support, network and remote backups, upgrades, and Internet support 
- Collaborates with other departments and outside computer support vendors to schedule and coordinate upgrades and tests. 
- Ensuring and assisting the infrastructure needs of facilities for users 
- Analyzes and recommends software and hardware to maximize productivity for all networks. 
- Creating an Accountability Information Data & Data Continuity system with Principals - Ensuring and assisting the infrastructure needs of IT assets and networks
- Proven working 3 years experience as an IT Manager or relevant experience 
- Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems 
- Expertise in data centre management and data governance 
- Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation 
- Excellent communication skills, both oral & written Strong organizational and time management skill 
- Ability to manage personnel 
- Management Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist, Code Migration procedures for Oracle
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