PT Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk. Gedung Bank Panin Pusat Lt.9. Jl. Jend. Sudirman - Senayan. Jakarta - 10270


The Company employee 843 persons located in 29 branch offices, 12 sales stations and head office, consist of :

Administration Staff and field force = 682 persons
Supervisors = 110 persons
Managers = 48 persons
The Board of Directors = 2 persons
The Board of Commissioners = 1 persons

In the framework of competency development, company has given many chances to all employees through training program and assignments. Training program was given to the employees who need to enhance their competency which support his job and company performance. For example training for Oracle implementation for all staffs and supervisors who are involved in the implementation of Oracle in Head Quarter, Pooling Warehouse and branches. Training in Leadership and sales improvement was given to the branch managers. In the Head Quarter, Managers and Directors was given chance to attend seminar on strategic leadership. Besides, for human resource development, the company has given chances to all potential employees to get job enlargement and even new assignment in the form of promotion and movement

  PT. MPI, Pertumbuhan Penjualan Bersih
  PT. MPI, Pertumbuhan Laba sebelum Pajak
  PT. MPI, Pertumbuhan Total Asset

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