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Brief History of the Company


The company was established in October 20th, 1952 by (rip) Mr. Soedarpo Sastrosatomo and (rip) Mrs. Minarsih Soedarpo Sastrosatomo Wiranatakusumah under the name of N.V. Perusahaan Dagang SOEDARPO CORPORATION. based on notarial deed No. 32. dated October 20th. 1952. drawn by Notary Raden Meester Soewandi. The deed of establishment was announced in the State Gazette of Republic of Indonesia No. 56 dated July 14th. 1953 Supplement No. 421.

The change of name from N.V. Perusahaan Dagang Soedarpo Corporation into PT NVPD Soedarpo Corporation Tbk was made according to the notarial deed No. 182 dated February 21st. 1990. drawn by Raharti Sudjardjati. S.H., Notary in Jakarta and announced in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 31 dated April 17th. 1990 Supplement No. 1418.

Based on approval from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in the Letter of Decision No. SI-090/SHM/MK.10/1990 dated March 22nd. 1990 the Company had sold its shares to the public and in May 7th. 1990 the Company has listed 3.500.000 shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchanges representing 38.46% of the total outstanding shares.

The Company embarked in re-funding exercise by way of a Restricted Right Issue I and had submitted its registration statement to the Capital Market Supervisory Board (Bapepam) in May 8th. 2000. As the part of the Right Issue issuance. the Company in the Annual General Shareholders Meeting(AGM) in May 15th. 2000. has obtained approval to increase its authorized capital from Rp to Rp 72.800.000.000 which consist of 145.600.000 shares at the nominal value of Rp 500 per share.

The First Restricted Right Issue and the change of the Company name from PT NVPD Soedarpo Corporation to PT Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk were included in the agenda of the Company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting held in June 8th. 2000 in Jakarta.

PT Tigamitra Multikarya was the standby buyer of the First Restricted Right Issue. In June 24th. 2002. the Company had done EGM which has been agreed in the EGM to do 2nd Right Issue by issuing Rights holders amounting to 182.000.000 shares. give Authorization to the Board of Commissioners to increase subscribed and paid-up shares and all at once change certainty of Article 4 verse 2 of the Company Articles of Association as stated in deed No. 37 dated June 24th. 2002. and to increase paid-up shares from Rp 72.800.000.000 to Rp 218.400.000.000 all at once change Article 4 verse 1 of the Company Articles of Association.

Total amount of shares as a result of the 2nd Right Issue has been announced to public by Jakarta Stock Exchange limited on its letter No. Peng-455/BEJ.EEM/08-2002 datedAugust 6th. 2002. The announcement stated that total shares of the Company in Jakarta Stock Exchange are 728.000.000 shares at the nominal of Rp 100 per share.

In June 8th. 2004. a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between PT Tigamitra Multikarya and Esteem. Malaysia stating that Esteem shall acquire 55% shares from the total paid-up capital of PT Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk. Esteem through a tender offer in December 3rd. 2004 announced through 2 national daily newspapers. has acquired shares from PT Tigamitra Multikarya totaling 400.404.000 shares or about 55% from the total shares issued by the Company.

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